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  • So it is BLAME Twist time Mark....

    Originally posted by IowaCoachSchultz View Post
    Your right twist. A thread called 'gbn hatred' is fine for the boards. Just like the one personally attacking coach Hahn for 12 pages. Only took what 13 pages to close the last thread about gbn?
    I NEVER said that, please don't put words in my mouth. We have over the years had a LOT of crazy threads that were not closed immediately and YOU never said a word. Let's see, you were on the boards when the ENTIRE state ripped Travis Hammon. Same for when they ripped on Scott Sands and the whole jumped on a SR kid. Oh yeah...there was the CCL thing about the unclean mats / virus / PC refusing to wrestle matches and YOU never said a word. What about the LOCK vs Ms. Chase fiasco. Did you speak out then? And of course the hundreds of "We hate the Twisters / Mario /Twist threads and nary a word from YOU. Now over the years GBN has been clean from attack for the most part except when they went to Montini for the infamous Regional or whatever it was dual. And here at we handled it.

    I get really tired of people writing me as if I am THE ONLY moderator of this site. Write the other mods and ask them why they did not close your GBN hatred thread? Maybe they, like me did not think the thread violated the forum rules enough to be closed. Let me know what they said!
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    • We always have our reasons

      Originally posted by restling
      Along that line. Why did the Scholman thread get closed a week ago? From what I could tell there was just discussion going on there, and a moderator isn't a moderator if he is active in the thread. If it ends it ends, but the closing was curious.
      If you read the forum riules then you know that we don't discuss WHY we close a thread nor can you QUESTION a moderator in a thread. It's all there right at the top of each forum.


      • If you have concerns with moderation, take it to pmail.
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        • I would like to thank whoever took my post about the price of hot dogs down. It was completely inappropriate. Now let's back to business and talk about what this thread is really about...."Hatred for an amateur sports team!"
          Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


          • Enough is enough. As good as the wrestling was on Sat the posting on this site since then has been disappointing, sophomoric and immature. Let's try another subject called Kids who Wrestle.