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keith surber?

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  • keith surber?

    I was told he isn't wrestling anymore at Nebraska. Is this true, and is he done with wrestling?

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    Thats the rumor


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      After watching Surber at the Wrestling Classic several years ago (Elmhurst college) and being very impressed, I'm sorry to hear such news. Oddly enough, the kid he beat pretty convincingly, the nation's #1 rated Frankie Cagnina, will be attending Nebraska. Strange how things sometimes work out?


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        There was another rumor going around that he was ineligible. I can't imagine this as he was an honor student in high school. On the other hand, many great students have had trouble adjusting to college. It's just hard to put much stock into rumors. In Keith's case, he was a red-shirt last year, so this should be the first year we really see him compete. There is still time for his college career pan out.

        When I watch Chris Dardanes wrestle and the success he's had this year, I can't help but think back to the time him and Surber wrestled in the Granite City tournament. Surber bumped up a weight class, got a lead on Chris, rode him very well, then lost in the last seconds as he started to gas. But thinking back to that match, even though he lost, you knew that Surber was in control the majority of the time and just needed to work on his conditioning a little. Watching Dardanes this year, makes me wonder what could Surber be doing at the D-I level now? With all the recent talk about how Illinois wrestlers aren't as good on the mat, I think of Keith and how well he could ride and turn, he was a beast on top. There's still time for him if he wants it.
        "No such thing as spare time, no such thing as free time, no such thing as down time...all you got is life time!"
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          Good point, because he was/is a "beast" on top. Maybe the weight thing was an issue as well as an ability to beat Kiley/Sueflon for the spot? The good and bad of a team's depth, tough workouts but somebody's gotta "sit"?


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            Still has it

            I watched him work out this year and he looked great. I hope to see him on the mat again. Great Kid.