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New weight classes - stiil hate em

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    Originally posted by ynotwrestle2 View Post
    I know of one regional that only had 4 wrestlers at 195! This is terrible for the sport. All this did is create a bottle neck starting at 126 running to 145. Limiting the number weight classes where the majority of people fit is stupid. I saw just as many, if not more, FF at 195-hw as I did at 106. Someone needs to run thru the tournaments and count FF for this year at each weight. I think the numbers will work against the new system.
    And I found 1 that had a whopping 5 wrestlers at 126, you know, one of those bottleneck weights. You can find one of those at almost every weight if you look hard enough; they happen.

    You can do better than that. One data point doesn't mean a thing.


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      Personally I don't see the "big" guys flocking to wrestling because of the weight changes. But I think you need to give it a good 5 years to see either way.