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Kids wrestling in Michigan

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  • Kids wrestling in Michigan

    I grew up wrestling in the IKWF. I have 4 boys (8,6,5,3) and my family and I have been living in Georgia for the last 13 years in an area where wrestling is non-existant. We just moved to Michigan last month and I'm trying to figure out how I want to get my boys into the sport. It seems like there are several different types of leagues/clubs/divisions up here. In Illinois, the choice seemed to be simple. You either wrestled IKWF or IESA. Here, it seems like there are a lot more choices. I'm not a pusher dad. At this age I want my boys to wrestle because they enjoy it and I don't want to be so involved that it dominates our life. Does anyone on this board have any advice?

    Thanks for any advice I can get.

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    I would figure out what high school your boys will go to and see what feeders they have. Sometimes the middle school team is better sometime the clubs. Maybe read on Michigan forums (if they have them) and see what is out there about the clubs. The internet is your friend when finding information. Look through some old brackets and see which clubs are represented where and what the club may be producing talent wise. Only you as the dad knows whats best for your boys.


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      Go with MYWAY

      MYWAY is the most popular youth organization for wrestling now in Michigan.

      There are a couple other, or at least one other (MMWA) but MYWAY seems to be preferred choice. At least where I'm living now (metro detroit area). Mike Krause does run a great youth program (Team Shamrock feeder program for Detroit Catholic Central, but he also does the Next Level stuff). There are also some wrestling schools similar to like a Overtime and Izzystyle (though not on that level yet). Kind of depends on where you're living in Michigan and are the sites to check out for wrestling in michigan (though again not really on illinoismatmen's level, but I promise our wrestling is getting better in Michigan and were starting to make a bigger dent on the national scale)

      you can e-mail at if you have any questions


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        always interesting to see how other states operate I wonder how youth wrestling is in other states like PA, CA, or OH