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  • The Dalton Bullard Wrestling Podcast

    Recently, I have developed a wrestling podcast for both the state and national wrestling scene. I am lucky enough to have conversations with very successful people in our sport and from those conversations I have come to better understand the sport both as a coach and as a competitor. I hope to pass on as many of those conversations to people across the country in hopes of educating parents, coaches, and athletes. Ultimately, this will create a state and national dialogue that will help grow the sport of wrestling as fast as possible.

    You can find the podcasts along with many other features on my website or through the iTunes store by searching Dalton Bullard Wrestling. For iphone users, the podcasts app can be downloaded for free in the apps store. Subscribe to my podcast and listen to some of the best coaches and wrestlers in our sport for FREE!
    Dalton Bullard
    Elmhurst College
    NCAA All American