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Asking Wrestling Community to Vote to Aid Wrestling Family

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  • Asking Wrestling Community to Vote to Aid Wrestling Family

    Please support the cause of Hunter Darnell, the four year old son of former Yorkville Head Coach Shane Darnell. Hunter has been subjected to 13 heart surgeries (5 open heart) in his young life as the Article in this link explains.

    If you are in a hurry, just fill in your name and vote. it takes less than a minute.

    John Wyeth

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    Hunter Darnell

    Shane Darnell is a class act that has done a lot for the community of Yorkville in the short time that he and his family have been here.

    I will vote for his son on a daily basis! Hopefully you can take the 1 minute it takes to help his son and his family for an amazing cause.

    Good luck to Hunter, Shane, and their family. Hopefully those in the Illinois Wrestling family will help you all win the wheelchair accessible vehicle you need!


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      VOTE PLEASE...Hunter needs you!

      Please take the time again to vote for a very special young man, who is the son of a former IL Wrestling Coach of the Year!

      Thank you!


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        Please Help

        Hunter and the Darnell's need you. Please VOTE DAILY for them to have a chance to win a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

        Hunter's story is on the same page where you can vote.

        Thank you!


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          Remember to vote.


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            Double your vote

            Please vote, and don't forget to answer the question on the left hand side of the voting box to make your vote count for two!

            Thank you!