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    I am sorry for the providence family's loss as well as his extended family's loss. I did not know the young man ... I didn't even read the article yet I intend to shortly but seriously fellas .... the coach made a nice post and tribute to a wrestler he is gna miss and he is obviously hurtin... so let's respect that and not even respond to a ridiculous postfrom someone speculating racism played a part Already
    The wrestling community is above this and always comes together in situations like this and that's how it's always been .We should show some respect and keep the posts positive


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      Heartbreaking. My thoughts and condolences are with the Triche family. I do wish for the family and police to get to the bottom of what happened that caused such a tragedy.

      In the video, the courage and family resolve of the Triche's are clear. I wish you all the very best.
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        Condolences to all

        Our prayers and hearts go out to our Crete Monee family. Mrs. Triche, you are in our prayers.