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    Why cant they take Individual records of wrestlers after the regionals and eliminate the sectional bye round?Then advance the top 4 out of regionals.
    Take your top 4 regional 2a placers and swap them with your bottom 4 3a records who qualifed for sectionals

    3a gold division 2a silver division .It would eliminate the 2A stigma that is always present.

    If we want the best in the state wrestling for a state title the current system fails miserably.

    Example all i did here was look at the two hinsdale sectionls and took the top 3 records from 2a sectional and swapped them with the 3a sectionals 3 worst records in 3a at 120 to get a idea of how it would look.I only posted the 3a sectional names at 120

    2a. 3a
    Russell 30-9. ....Ferguson20-20
    schickel 34-3......Galliendo 25 -17
    H.johnson .28-6....Bautista 14-9

    Iwould make a 3agold elite class ....a 2a silver level class

    120-gold would look something like this after swapping the 4 2a regional placers with the 4 worst records in 3a prior to sectionals
    Kruk 35-2
    Straus 35-3
    Schickel 34-3
    Melendez 35-2
    2a -18 losses.... 3a 46 losses

    132 similiar to this
    Nolan 34-5
    2a-11 losses..3a-48losses
    Coleman 34-4
    2a-9-losses,...3a-60 losses

    In those three weight class alone 9 combined wrestlers in 3a have a combined 154 loses compared to only 38 losses in 9 combined 2a wrestlers.
    Both classes would be more competitive and more equal in talent
    Not to mention a illinois 3a gold state title would probably be one of the most difficult to win in the country

    Some possible problems:
    - logistics...schools always send a jv team and varsity team different places on the same day
    Coaches -more coaches at lower levels experience down state.

    Matches-15 minimum prior to regionals in order to compete
    Criteria -differential between wins and losses I.E. 15-2=13points ...29-5 =24points .
    Only illinois matches count
    You could cap your win total at a max amount hypocritically 35 against your losses so kids with 45 wins dont have a distinct advantage i.e.stiles 43-3 his #would be a (32) 35 wins vs 3 losses...Coleman 34-4 =30

    A gold3a state championship would be unquestionably the best in the state at that weight class.
    A silver2a championship would be truly a level lower level of talent but it would be more competitive and 20-20 guys wouldn't be wrestling 32-1 guys etc.

    Almost every conference has both 2a and 3a schools and wrestle in tournaments during the year against each other so why not?
    Im sure there would be hiccups in pairing sectionals and scheduling etc

    This is just throwin some ideas a round no specific formula im sure if a couple freshman and I put this together without checking into the details very much that something along these lines could be a starting point.

    This whole thing started over these young wrestlers ready to bet the farm on the bailey brothers and shickel in 2a over Real woods,Coleman and Melendez in 3a and the thought of seeing those 3 matchups plus many more in the other weight class swaps was enough to produce this

    Im sure the grammar and comprehension police are gna have a field day with this idea and spell check so fire away all of ya that get a thrill out of it.I dont know how or if i even have a spell check nor would i use after y'all have become so fond of my its a unique writing style. I developed it over years of ditching class while you did my homework every night im not proud but i do appreciate the kind words .
    Seriously im sure this idea has a 100 holes in it but we would like to here any pros or cons on it

    1a remain the same unless y'all want my idea on that i got time lol

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    Unfortunately many kids have great records because of their schedule. That isn't just a 2A vs. 3A thing. That is a 3A vs 3A thing as well as you will note by many of the results today and tomorrow.


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      Excluding some individuals, most kids need to stay in their own class.