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Did Oak Park and Montini just wrestle in their 5th tournament?

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    Originally posted by BDrag View Post
    Out of curiosity I looked up to see what the IHSA defines a tournament as. This "mega dual" might check a few more boxes that some would like. From the IHSA definitions:

    Tournament — A competition involving three or more schools in which teams and/or athletes compete under an elimination and/or round
    robin format within a 10 consecutive week day period which results in a single winner of the competition and or event(s). No regular season tournament shall allow for a member school to participate in more than five (5) games/contests/matches. IHSA By-law 5.004 provides
    an exception for wrestling tournaments. (My own words- the by-law is the 5 matches in day limit for wrestling with an exception for a 2nd day of wrestling)

    Was there 3 or more schools- yes
    Was it elimination or round robin- Yes, as many people have posted the duals were set up where everyone wrestled all of the other schools- that's called a round robin
    Did it result in a single winner of the competition- Well track did have all the teams listed in order of how they placed. I know people are hung up on the award, but it doesn't say that a trophy has to be presented, just a winner determined.

    I don't know how the IHSA rules on what is a tournament or not, but by their own definition this does come closer or attains the status more than a lot of people might realize or desire.
    Well, as I recall my first tour of duty... Neuqua Valley used to have a terrific event called the Ruettiger Cup.

    Were there three or more schools involved? Yes. It had all the Ruettiger brothers who were head coaches of area schools at the time bring their squads in for a day of fun, wrestling and general Ruettiger-ousness.

    Was it round robin? Yes. All the Ruettiger brothers' squads squared off against all the other squads.

    Did it result in a single winner? Heck, yes. They even received the "Ruettiger Cup" which was a conglomeration of tin cans, wood and nails cobbled together to create the ugliest -- and most coveted -- trophy known to Reuttigers and associated wrestling fans everywhere.

    Yes, they even handed out a trophy.

    Too bad we weren't really good enough back then to be on anyone's witch hunt radar.

    That was back when I used to post on here a lot.
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      Just the Facts

      Yes that day used to be some great wrestling!!