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So there is double elimination now at state ?

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    Originally posted by bobbytool View Post
    I agree.
    Mike Poeta did it two years in a row, 2001, and 2002, and then he won two state championships
    Best thing to happen since 2008, after they went to 3 classes in 2009 it went downhill.

    Don't get me wrong, there are some great wrestlers in 1A, but high 2A is where these guys would be in the old 2A, with the big schools.
    There were old 1A placers/champs who would (did) beat old 2A placers/champs.
    Even new 1A champs who beat new 2A/3A (4 time) champs

    They still could've had 3 days, just have 24 man brackets and wrestle back to 8th.
    They could have made it work. (I know it will never happen.... )

    That last part could still happen, wrestle back to 8th..... nevermind, not enough room for 9 mats......

    edit - They would have to do the 5th and 7th place matches on 6 mats, then break down to 3 mats (that they already do for finals) for the 3rd place matches.
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      Best change for this tournament in a long time! About time, too!


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        Tommy Schroeder 160 from St Charles east loses his first match to Emmerich who then loses in the quarters. Prior years he would have been done but instead he pins his way to the 3rd place match where he wins by decision. Best move IHSA has made in a long time.


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          THANK YOU IHSA!!!! The consolation Semi's and blood round were some of the best matches in this year's tournament so far I believe!

          Illinois wrestling is getting better! A lot of tough kids!

          126 weight class was loaded!



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            A while back, Petersenkid2 and I had differences in opinion on the full wrestle back idea. Just wondering what his thoughts are now after seeing this year's tourney.

            My thoughts... awesome change for wrestlers and their families!