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    Originally posted by gulach View Post

    Why don't more schools follow the Blair model?
    If you love the sport of wrestling you better hope more schools don't follow the Blair model


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      Originally posted by barzagar View Post
      If you love the sport of wrestling you better hope more schools don't follow the Blair model
      How many schools are currently following this model or trying to duplicate it?


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        I know Blair can pull kids from anywhere they want to, but the good majority of their line-up are local kids. Maybe an hour drive is stretching the definition of 'local', but I don't think kids driving 45 minutes to get to HS to get to ANY private school. There's a ton of prep schools across the country. They just had the 2019 prep championships that had 120 teams participate in it.

        106- Wask - Wantage, NJ (45 minutes)
        113-Ryan Miller - Stroudsburg, PA (25 minutes)
        120 Trevor Mastrogiovanni - Sparta, NJ (35 minutes)
        126- Michael Colaiocco - Sparta, NJ (35 minutes)
        132-Shayne Van Ness - Somerville, NJ (60 minutes)
        138- Travis Mastrogiovanni - Sparta, NJ (35 minutes)
        145-Josh Gobencion - Newark, NJ (60 minutes)
        152-Nick Incontera - Flemington, NJ (60 minutes)
        160-Dom Mata - California
        170-Julian Ramirez - Washington, NJ (35 minutes)
        182-Peyton Craft - Ohio
        195-Sanoussi Kane - Not Rostered?
        220- Owen Trephan - South Carolina
        285-Eli Anthony - Blairstown, NJ (10 minutes)
        Family Over Everything


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          Originally posted by PapaBearSLIM View Post
          Most are not in position to become private boarding schools with 100 million endowments.
          What he said ^^^^^^

          "On the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away..."


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            Big bonus points for Blair from 120-138. Also 160-170. Illinois chance of bonus points will be 145,152,182 and 195. I just can't see Illinois winning this fantasy match.


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              We all agree that the Big 10 has the best wrestlers in the country right?

              Here are the home states of big 10 champs.