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Illinois Vs USA

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    Originally Posted By: PapaBearSLIM

    State all day every day. This is Illinois.
    I agree state all day every day is the main goal but this is not just an Illinois thing. I know coaches in PA and OH that will say Ironman, Powerade and the Beast are all great tournaments with great national talent, but winning team and individual state titles are their season goals. This said, I know kids that have beaten nationally ranked wrestlers then lost at state. Trust me, winning one match over a nationally ranked wrestler does not compare to winning a state title. The best case scenario for a kid is to win a state title and then beats the #1 or #2 kid in the country.


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      Originally posted by maddog81 View Post
      Weak probably wasn't the best word. Overmatched due to superior talent on the USA team. I thought USA would win by 35-40 points. Unfortunately illinois team didn't have their best on the mat.
      Truth. The Team USA line-up was brutal.

      "On the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away..."


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        Originally posted by gulach View Post
        With an event like this, it is only going to last if individual states can put out their best of the best at each weight class.

        It is great that the USA team will travel to Illinois and bring all those hammers, but when we have guys who are nationally ranked back out/sit out whatever reason, I personally think it does not look good.

        Team Illinois wrestled tough, physical but was outmatched. The USA team was no Joke.

        Pick one:

        Winning a state championship
        Beat number 2 ranked kid in the country

        Colorado Springs
        Yep. They all wrestled their butts off but clearly we were over matched.

        "On the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away..."


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          Video Replays

          Just FYI — video replays are available at the IWCOA YouTube channel: 2019 Cliff Keen Dream Team Classic Dual