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Beat the Streets at OPRF Saturday.

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  • Originally posted by Crystal Clearly View Post
    It's called responding in kind.
    Correction: It's the called the pot calling the kettle black.


    • Matmenís biggest idiots in a woke off!


      • Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post
        Hold up here! I posted before that I think Gross noises is two people. The reason why I said it is in previous post he was talking about holding down people and opponents with X-rated details. I donít know how to go back and cut and paste that but it should be easy somebody post one of gross noises gross noises posts!
        You can look look on their screen name and view all posts anyone ( GN ) included has ever posted. With the amount of posts (including rude ones) that GN is concerned about ( which GN has done) you take hours to sift through; however, it would not take long to find rude ones from GN


        • Hey folks, i’ve said this before and I will say it again. Wrestling is a family! We may be a dysfunctional one, but we are a family. We all make mistakes. I even asked my wrestling coach one time how come we always seem to get in damn trouble.He said that when you desire to wrestle it’s a double edge sword. It means we took athletics to the limit. Sometimes we take other things to the limit. To a fault. I think GM is a great addition to the board. Every single other poster on here is Great. I’m just saying that is where the sexual stuff might have come from. I knew GN was joking but it was kind of graphic LOL! But who the hell am I to talk, at one point on this board everyone thought I traveled the country hitting every wrestling tournament eating all their food in writing disgusting reviews of almost every single one of them! Let’s all shake hands and get back to the center. That’s just my two cents on the matter.
          And just for the record, I am enjoying the Chicago tribune at a Japanese restaurant sampling a little of everything! And that is the honest to God’s truth!
          Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


          • Originally posted by PapaBearSLIM View Post
            Maybe a parent cringes at the lewdness of what I said. But only the homophobic (I actually hate that word) take it where you did.

            YOU took it there....

            Again you seem to keep gravitating and focusing on homosexuality as a bad thing and insult. Your entire approach makes it as though if my joke was overtly heterosexual you would then have no problem with it.
            We agree, it's your personal problem.

            One of the many great things about Oak Park is that the folks are evolved enough not to equate homosexuality with pedophilia.

            I calll out the behaviors in this thread in a "colorful" way and you go out of your way to make sure we all know that you "don't play that gay shyt!"
            Again, personal problem.
            I see what happened here.....

            I simply misunderstood you.......

            Your references to lube and circle jerking were just jokes, not to be taken literally and completely devoid of any reference to homosexuality. NOW I see.........

            Whoa, I'm glad you were clear on your last post, I would have hated for anyone else to misinterpret your words the same way I did. Which is doubtful, because I live in such a socially, economically, and ethnically closed area that has no connection to the real world, certainly one that could never compare to the melting pot of Oak Park.

            You'll have to excuse my ignorance, never having been involved in a circle jerk, you could see how I would make the mistake, given your words "circle jerk" and "plenty of lube".
            So what kind of circle jerks are you involved in? That way I won't be confused the next time you refer to it.
            (Nevermind, I don't want to know and your personal business is none of mine)

            Also, thank you for the sociological analysis of everything that is Oak Park, I'll keep that in mind the next time I hear of a coach, teacher, volunteer, doctor etc. that inappropriately contacts a child or athlete in a sexual manner, knowing full well that something like that could happen anywhere. Except Oak Park Illinois.

            (the above response should have been completely highlighted and displayed in a sarcastic font.)


            • If anybody thinks it is rough up here go down to the non-wrestling website. We are not discussing golf and it gets downright nasty! LOL
              Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


              • Originally posted by Catcher in the Eye View Post
                Matmenís biggest idiots in a woke off!
                After the Lake Highland Prep folly you should just crawl back in your body bag.