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Illinois Individual State - For the Elite IL Athletes

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  • Illinois Individual State - For the Elite IL Athletes

    Hello to Chicago forum members and Good Sunday Morning!

    Today, there is a tournament being held in Wisconsin Dells for IL residents ONLY. This event is called "Tri-state" because for some odd reason, some college coaches are still recruiting wrestlers from Illinoi-s... Funny that Askren and Wisconsin Youth Wrestling can just come into our state, and grab up all of yall's money. But hey! I really don't know about paying for wrestling tournaments..

    This is a 75$ buy in tournament, So I really do not like the lay out. Anyone can enter, but not everyone knew about it.. Granite, there will be "so called studs" from WI and MN there, but who really cares?? They can't even wrestle today! This whole winter has really messed up a lot of IL families.... If your son or daughter LOVE the sport of wrestling, and did not get one chance to "compete" this winter, you have failed them as parents... This was the year IL wrestling had to STEP UP, and put together 10 plus teams to travel the Midwest.... But hey, Illinois is the greatest right?

    All in all, I used to coach some kids competing in this one day state series.. They are mentally and physically ready, for the task, to take out every 3a wrestler they come accross. No matter WHAT SCHOOL! This tournament goes to show the TEAMS that actually have been putting in REAL WORK this wrestling season.... It is quite embarrassing actually


    Outside of the 4 teams that brought 15+ wrestlers, There are 41 individuals competing in this Tournament..

    The 4 main clubs brought ATLEAST 2 wrestlers per weight, with the exception of 1..

    COVID precautions are STILL weighing in on these Kids register, so thank you Lori Lightfoot, Illinois dems, and brainwashed CNN folk for messing up our Children forever! Only 2 guests per 1 wrestler. No Family members to Watch the event. AND Wisconsin has been able to play football, Wrestle, basketball, and Spring sports ON TIME! Smh IHSA, you crumbled to BJ prick-ster.

    The Cassiopis are the highest rated recruits in our state, and probably going to IOWA!! or Okla state.. but NOT some bum big ten school, imo

    They will not even get a "Bracket Board" if they are crowned victorious. So called "Custom Medals" for top 4 finishers.

    I really hope the IWCOA does something about this year, but it looks like it's on to the next one.. That is year, of course. Or else IL will be like California, and not have any Wrestling programs for their 30 million residents.

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    Finally, someone talking sense!

    what they said about lockdowns before 2020

    The majority of excess deaths can and have been proven to be caused by lockdowns. But those who feel it is their God given right to force others to behave "correctly" deny this.

    People were talking about the COVID-20 (i.e. the 20 pounds you gained in the first 2 months of lockdowns). As if that had no effect on the spiking probability of individual death. Let's consider all the kids who forgot to exercise for a year. Yeah... that will have no effect on their life expectancy...? Doubtful!

    We need to admit the true slogan that contradicts all the spun garbage to keep humanity suppressed ---> "SOCIALIZING SAVES LIVES"

    Humanity would not exist if it weren't for our inherently social nature. We NEED to interact closely with other people, whatever the risks.