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Govt trying to shutdown sports through the CDC

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  • Govt trying to shutdown sports through the CDC

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    Well, obviously sports contribute to inequity. Some people are stronger, and healthier, and smarter, and more fit and beautiful than others based upon the efforts they have committed to training, so it is not fair and just in a democratic society to those who are tired, and lazy, and unmotivated who just can't get themselves off the couch.

    Lockdowns are nothing more than "equity transfers" (i.e. stealing)... the sick and old taking freedoms, wealth, and futures from the young and healthy. Ironically, the sick and old are also highly correlated with the rich. Which is why lockdowns killed the poor, as it made them poorer (the true cause of 500,000 deaths), and made the rich richer. Rich stealing from the poor, that's the true story of support from leftist America that has been dominated by Gates, Soros, and Buffett. Not your daddy's or grandaddy's democrats.

    The goal is to make the next generation totally helpless, and wrestling is a threat to that ambition:


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      Great article, best line in the article. "Everyone around them is protecting them from difficulty." It starts with parents. I've witness many parents ok their kid quit a sport. Parents these days are selfish, and when their time isn't occupied taking their child to pratice, spending a weekend day at a event, the parent now has the freedom to do what "they" want to do.