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10 Reasons Why to attend the Freak Show

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  • 10 Reasons Why to attend the Freak Show

    1. Multiple divisions (15U, HS Varsity, HS Elite) allows you to reward your whole team and offer everyone a competitive bracket to compete in.

    2. Youth brackets littered with high level wrestlers from some of the tope clubs in the country.

    3. It's Las Vegas -- great vacation before the long season starts. Over a million people on the strip that weekend -- tons to do for everyone.

    4. The tournament base CA (1000 of the 1700 wrestlers) is one of the top states in the country as far as talent.

    5. All brackets seeded and separated by state from k-12 assuring you didn't travel 1600 miles to wrestle a kid from down the street in round one.

    6. Great venue right on the strip creates a second to none environment.

    7. Great awards -- every champ receives a freak show champion singlet

    8. Las Vegas is the cheapest city in the country to fly into.

    9. Tournament profit heavily invested in both supplying aid to athletes in need to attend the event as well as the Presidents Fund (new college endowment)

    10. College Coaches, MMA Fighters and Celebrities in attendance including FLO wrestling's own Mark Bader.

    More info can be found at

    this event will be capped between 1650 and 1700 wrestlers and will sell out.

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    Hey Ernie post the participants already. Want to send my Lil guy, but not if his weight is empty.


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      were three months out -- lol -- Ill open it here in the next few weeks so you have plenty of time to decide -- what age and weight is the little tyke


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        Lol, I'm so excited for wrestling season it felt like it was coming sooner than that, but you're right it is almost 3 months out!!! Who knows maybe the big guy will be ready by then. Lil guy is 11 years old 108lbs, and the baby is 8 years old 105 lbs.