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Ohio Tournament of Champions (April 20) Deadline Approaching

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  • Ohio Tournament of Champions (April 20) Deadline Approaching

    Named the Top Youth Wrestling Tournament in the USA &
    The Tournament where Kyle Dake & David Taylor first met

    TofC Alumni Include: Kyle Dake * David Taylor * Logan Stieber * Quentin Wright * Jordan Oliver * Ed Ruth * Nico Megaludis * AJ Schopp * Robert Hamlin * Hunter Stieber * Mathew Brown * Dustin Kilgore * Ben Bennett

    April 1, 2013


    The final registration deadline for this year's Ohio Tournament of Champions has been set at Saturday, April 13 (11:59 pm). According to Tournament Chairman Bart Freidenberg, registrations may still be accepted on April 14-16, but a late fee would be accessed. The weight change deadline is also April 13 and any changes done April 14-16 would be subject to a penalty.

    "Right now, we are pretty much on line with what registrations were last year," Freidenberg said. "Anymore, most registrations come in the last two weeks, so we are expecting to be right around 2800 when all is said and done."

    So far, Freidenberg said that the entries seem to be spread out amongst all the age groups, but added that there seemed to be a lot more Open Division (post high school) entries coming through. He also added that Pennsylvania currently has the most entries, with Ohio second, followed by Michigan and New York.

    "The last several years, it seems like Pennsylvania has led in the number of entries until the very end, when the Ohio entries come on stronger," said Freidenberg. "Last year was also the first time in about 10 years that Ohio beat PA in overall placement points, so I would expect that the PA folks want to earn that title back. Overall, though, we will draw from around 30 states."

    Note: In 2012, Ohio defeated PA, (based on points given to the top eight place finishers), 1904-1723. Ohio ended up ahead of PA in four of the six Age Divisions. A combined Ohio/PA unit also managed to squeak by the remainder of the USA by a score of 3627-3368. Team USA won the first three Age Divison, with the OH/PA team winning the final three.

    For complete Team Results, go to:

    Freidenberg said the FREE ADMISSION policy and the NO fee for coaches passes remain in effect for this year's event. He added that the event will once again feature some extra mats, so that the kids that go two and out will have the opportunity to get some extra matches. "We got a lot of favorable comments on the extra mats last year," said Freidenberg, "so we decided to do it again."

    The TofC will also offer special team rates for groups of 8 or more wrestles, but all wrestlers need to be registered and paid for by one individual (under one user name). Freidenberg also added that the Team Competition will also return and that teams will again be divided into three different Divisions and that awards will be given to the top three teams in each Age Group per Division and the top 6 Overall Teams per Division. He added that there is a Team Form on the website to fill out, or that coaches may pick one up at the site and return prior to the start of wrestling.

    With the recent Kyle Dake vs. David Taylor 165 NCAA finals, the Ohio TofC, now in its 21st year, has recently been mentioned quite often, both on TV and magazines. During the ESPN broadcast, it was mentioned that the two first met at a youth tournament in Ohio and in WIN Magazine's October 2011 issue, it read: "Taylor originally from Wyoming and Dake from up-state New York — met in many kids’ tournaments; the first coming in 2000 when they appeared in the Ohio Tournament of Champions after Dave Taylor moved his family to St. Paris, Ohio."

    For the record, Taylor competed and won the TofC in both of his appearances, while Dake managed only one Championship, though he placed top 6 three other times, in his four or five appearances.

    "After last year's NCAA Finals, Mr. (Doug) Dake messaged me the following: I was looking through an old TOC program. It's a whose who of todays college wrestling."

    For those interested in competing in this year's TofC, below are some of the various ways to qualify into the event:

    *All Past TofC Champions
    *Top 8 at Ohio TofC past 2 years
    *Top 6 at any National Event (past 2 years)
    *Top 3 (some events Top 4) at any Official TofC Qualifying event
    *Champion of any non TofC Qualifier (events specifically for rookie wrestlers do not count)
    *All OAC, OHIOWAY, PJW, NJ Kids, NY KIds, NYWAY, ISWA, MSWA, MDWAY State Qualifiers (past 2 years)
    *Top 4 at any Sanctioned State Tournament (any style) - past 2 years
    *Top 3 at any League Finals (past 2 years)
    *All PJW Area Finals Qualifiers (past 2 years)
    *All High School Wrestlers
    *All Open Division (those who have graduated from High School) Wrestlers
    *All Cadet Wrestlers (those born 1998 and earlier)
    *Any Middle School Wrestler that competes on his High School Varsity Squad (applies to certain states only, such as New York and Kentucky
    *Any Wrestler with 10+ Wins during the current wrestling season (November-March)
    *Any wrestler that does not have a TofC qualifying event within 50 miles of their residence

    To register for this year's Ohio TofC, visit the TofC website at