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hammers for life! ;)

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  1. ytcdwight
    you know that ur the biggest joke on illinois matman right......this forum is for 1 time state champions and lower..
  2. cyclonestate
    I am not going to hijack the thread because thats not what it was started for nor is it the proper place to talk about this subject, and I probably should have bit my tongue in the first place. Assuming you know who I am, you know that isn't my style anyway.

    1. I was completely and totally sober when I wrote that.

    2. VEISHEA was a blast as usual, and I missed the pepper spray by about a block.

    3. No matter how much you disagree with my point-of-view, questioning my writing skills is not really the way to go as I write better than 95% of the American population.
  3. cyclonestate
    4. I do not care what color Henry is, he could be the whitest person from Iceland for all I care. If someone is here illegally, they are here illegally (his parents) no matter where they are from. The fact that someone can be here illegally and have a kid just to make it ok and that they are automatically a US citizen is an extraordinarily faulty loophole as far as I am concerned. If you can explain to me how that makes sense, I would appreciate it. The fact that many people from our area including some of my friends are racist does not make me a racist. A fairly extreme US nationalist, sure.
  4. cyclonestate
    The fact of the matter is, illegal immigrants are a problem and America is getting soft on things like this. My opinion may not be the popular one, but that hardly makes it ignorant. People just LOVE to call those who they may not agree with ignorant, and that is hardly the right way to argue. Disagreements are what make our political system work.

    Someone pointed out that I dont have kids and that if I did I would do anything for them. Of course I would. But if I were to go out to and rob a bank to get my family through the week, does that make it right? No. It is illegal, as are Henry Cejudos parents and it is not right.
  5. Park57
    Fonz is that you?

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