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ChiefIllini1 04-19-2018 04:53 AM

Getting Christian Kanzler and Danny Pucino to Commit

silent n deadly 04-19-2018 07:34 AM

And Fabian Lopez!

ChiefIllini1 04-19-2018 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by silent n deadly (Post 543048)
And Fabian Lopez!

Tomorrow's Episode: Finding Fabian Lopez

ElSanto 04-19-2018 11:29 AM

Fabian Lopez is a huuuuge pickup. That kid is a monster.

ChiefIllini1 04-20-2018 05:23 AM

ChiefIllini1 04-20-2018 05:26 AM

And just because I like this one:

Dondo 04-20-2018 08:04 AM

Nice job Chief!

ChiefIllini1 04-20-2018 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by Dondo (Post 543067)
Nice job Chief!

Thanks, Dondo. I'm psyched about these guys. (And I'm always psyched about IMAR).


IlliniinIowa 04-20-2018 09:22 AM

Scouring the youtube videos, I'm really impressed with Lopez. He's got a bigtime motor and really athletic. He's future AA material.

Nelson*0.5 04-20-2018 09:56 AM

Getting kids like Pucino and Lopez to commit this early is HUGE for the Illini. This is exactly the recruiting coup that they have needed for quite some time. Still lots of work to do, particularly because you want to build on this momentum and prove that you are a player in luring big time recruits.

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