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ChiefIllini1 06-27-2019 05:31 AM

Since we're on the subject of twitter feeds, another one to check out belongs to IMAR. Here, in a few tweets, he embodies the Warrior-Poet spirit, using the word "existential" in a tweet and then using his head to block off Jordan Burroughs! Here's his twitter feed.


ol' man river 06-27-2019 04:22 PM


Originally Posted by GrossNoises (Post 555193)
Wrestling is one of the worst sports in regards to the tribal attitude towards their own. Everyone think their region, era of time, etc is the best. Look no further than the ChiefIllini clown. He truly knows too much about wrestling to be this delusional, but if it is not Illinois then it is not as good. This attitude is prevalent all throughout the sport. We truly have the dumbest fan base of all sports.

truer words....truer words

ChiefIllini1 06-28-2019 05:37 AM

Speaking of IMAR, got this in the email machine the other day:

I'll make another donation here because I can't afford to fly up from South Carolina. (Besides, I might have to hitchhike up to ILLINOIS any time now for an "Emergency Wedding" for my boy.)

The IRTC will be represented at the World Championships by Ellis Coleman and Max Nowry. On top of that, those guys and a few others you might know are probably wanting to get ready for an Olympic year.


ChiefIllini1 07-04-2019 02:01 AM

Since this has become a bit of a wandering ILLINI and IRTC news thread, thought it would be good to highlight interviews given by IRTC and World Team members Max Nowry and Isaiah Martinez that have been produced by Nowry's interview is in written question-and-answer form. This was my favorite part:


How did you get involved in wrestling?

My dad signed me up for hockey back in 1996 or 1997, but there wasn’t enough kids so they cancelled it and I got thrown into wrestling.

When did you start wrestling Greco-Roman?

My high school coach convinced me to do both styles because I think it was only $5 more to wrestle both and I was mostly wrestling freestyle at the time. Then I did the Cadet Duals my sophomore year, and that’s where I met Coach Medlin. Ever since then it’s been my favorite discipline.

Haha! That's so typical. I was cut from my high school freshman basketball team. The school had never cut anyone from the freshman team. They'd have "D" and "E" squads if necessary. But they cut me. I'm still the greatest basketball-playing wrestler in the world.

The rest of the Nowry interview is also interesting. This was another special comment from him: "I don’t want to win a World title, I need to."

IMAR Video

The IMAR interview is on video and can be found here on youtube. You get more of the warrior-poet from him: "I spent a month in Russia in January, and that was a transformative experience."

His major take-away from the series is that everything works for him when he's being aggressive, and nothing works when he wrestles on the back foot. I thought it was interesting that Burroughs said that IMAR was six minutes away from winning Final X, but IMAR said he was :10 seconds away. IMAR did have the lead in match one with ten or nine seconds to go. He won match two.


ChiefIllini1 07-11-2019 02:00 AM

There's a write-up about the ILLINOIS contingent going to Fargo this year at As a returning champion, Luke Luffman gets a special mention, and hot wrestler Luke Odom is also on the roster:


Illinois has been the state to beat at Fargo over the past decade. Last year, Illinois won 16U Greco-Roman, Junior menís freestyle, and Junior Greco-Roman. They even set a new record in Junior Greco-Roman for most points scored. So, it should come as no surprise that their roster is once again loaded with top wrestlers. Led by returning Junior National champion and Illinois commit Luke Luffman and returning 16U National champions Adrian Crmaer, Hayden Copass, and Kennedy Blades, Illinois will have a total of 28 returning All-Americans across all styles and both age groups. Also competing for Illinois will be sixth ranked Fidel Mayora. Mayora didnít compete at Fargo last year, but was a 16U menís freestyle champion in 2017. In addition to No. 1 ranked Blades, Illinois will have 11 other women competing for stop signs.
In comparison, the New York roster gets a tiny paragraph, while the Michigan and North Carolina teams get one sentence each.

Did I miss any other ILLINI signees or verbals?


ChiefIllini1 07-16-2019 12:07 AM

Luke Luffman is in the championship finals at Fargo! He's in the running for a second title. Domenic Zaccone made it to the semi-finals. Congratulations to both and all the young'uns from ILLINOIS!


ChiefIllini1 07-17-2019 12:24 AM

In a massive non-upset, Luke Luffman is again your Fargo Champion. Coach Mike Poeta was quoted as saying, "Wow! I really didn't not see that one coming." This Fargo 2xer is gonna be terrorizing fatties for years to come. Here's some local love from his hometown TV station:

ChiefIllini1 07-20-2019 01:23 AM

ILLINOIS runs away with the Junior Greco title at Fargo.

Luke Luffman is again a Champion. This guy is the bluest of blue chips. He's only 18. Do Byrd and he redshirt? What a great problem to have!

Luke Odom is a Fargo All-American, and he's got another year in high school.


dadudaman4 07-21-2019 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by ChiefIllini1 (Post 555401)
ILLINOIS runs away with the Junior Greco title at Fargo.

Luke Luffman is again a Champion. This guy is the bluest of blue chips. He's only 18. Do Byrd and he redshirt? What a great problem to have!

Luke Odom is a Fargo All-American, and he's got another year in high school.


The team needs Luffman and at least one Braunagel in the lineup desperately. The rest can be worked out later.

OldVV 07-21-2019 06:44 PM

HWT is loaded right now with young studs. A red-shirt (if not this year) somewhere down the line is recommended. This was his 1st year at HWT so putting on some good weight couldn't hurt.

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