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Originally Posted by mckbln View Post
What you should now about the REAL corruption in Ukraine:

It's not's the Obama Administration.
What kind of ex-military are you when you buy all the Russian talking points that Giuliani was served up? Get the Americans to turn on Ukraine helps out whom exactly?

Nepotism is corruption in Ukraine? WTF has Jared and Ivanka been up to besides saving their business from bankruptcy and securing patents?

Posting videos of that clown Giuliani is not going to help your case. The guy continually accidentally throws his boss under the bus. Claims to have false jobs he never had. Represents our country when he doesn't even work for our country.

The dude is bats88 crazy and the whole world is laughing at his a$$ and yet you still think posting anything he says somehow makes you look like you are proving some kind of ignorant point about the Obama admin being more corrupt with the Ukraine than Trump? Please that is just laughably ignorant.

Keep up the great work Rudy!!!

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