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Originally Posted by Nelson*0.5 View Post
I can't say I am surprised. It's a shame to see Langenderfer's career end that way. Who would have ever thought that he peaked as a freshman. I don't think that is overstating things.

The Illini really needs to hit on the Braunagel brothers and hopefully get something great from Meijia and Mollogusis. Next year is the time to bring in a few top 75 recruits. Poeta will be starting his 2nd full year in his position....would be a great time to hit a homerun on his 2nd recruiting class.
I agree about Langenderfer. As frustrated as I have been, I actually feel bad for him. I followed his career beginning with his first state championship all the way through 6 years at Illinois. I don't understand what happened.

You are correct about others having to step up, and soon. The Illini need to consistently get at least a top 20 class each year or they will be in danger of falling to the bottom half of the Big 10. Finishing 8th this year was not good, but it's tempered by the fact that they did not have Montalvo or Black the entire year. Poeta needs to kick butt on the recruiting trail right now!
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