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Originally Posted by Nelson*0.5 View Post
I can't say I am surprised. It's a shame to see Langenderfer's career end that way. Who would have ever thought that he peaked as a freshman. I don't think that is overstating things.

The Illini really needs to hit on the Braunagel brothers and hopefully get something great from Meijia and Mollogusis. Next year is the time to bring in a few top 75 recruits. Poeta will be starting his 2nd full year in his position....would be a great time to hit a homerun on his 2nd recruiting class.
Thanks for the info, Nelson*0. He still goes in the books as an ILLINI and a very exciting wrestler. From what I understand, he gave up his body for the team. It is no fun going to college on an empty stomach. I just wish all his opponents were named Brian Murphy. Dang. I thought the seas had parted for him this year.

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