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I know everyone is frustrated with the freestyle wrestling that was seen in Council Bluffs and comparing it to the Russians who can open up and hit amazing, explosive techniques; however, it is more than just "opening up," going balls to the wall, and trying moves whenever possible. Gone are the days of Randy Lewis when you could give up 5 pts and still come back to win the match. When Russian and foreign competitors wrestle, they are just as cautious as our guys and constantly own great position, but they are trained to hit a single, explosive move when the opportunity opens up. "Opening up" is a quick attitude fix, but as a country, we need to change the way we train and work on exposing our opponents mistakes, improving our timing, and attacking when the opportunity is there.
If you know anyone who has been trained by an Eastern European coach, they will tell you that drilling is not only about repetitions, but perfect and explosive repetitions. Sometimes only doing 4 or 5 instead of 30... I feel as though drilling in our folkstyle system is way too often used as a tool for conditioning instead of a way too build perfect technique.
I agree. As a coach I would much rather see 3 perfect executions in a drill than 10 that were only average.
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