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Originally Posted by nic-10man View Post
Here's my predictions (2009 place):
103-Adrian Gonzalez (Barrington) - 2nd
112-Kevon Powell (Montini) - 1st (103)
119-Derek Elmore (Harlem) - 2nd (112)
125-Jack Hathaway (Iowa City West) - 1st (112)
130-Eddie Klimara (Providence) - 1st (119)
135-Trevor Jauch (Crystal Lake Central) - 2nd (125)
140-Edwin Cooper (Providence) - 1st (130)
145-Elijah Sullivan (Iowa City West) - DNP
152-Joey Kielbasa (Crystal Lake Central) - 1st
160-Justin Koethe (Iowa City West) - 2nd (152)
171-Jahwon Akui (St. Rita) - DNP
189-Austin Marsden (Crystal Lake Central) - 3rd
215-Gage Harrah (Crystal Lake Central) - DNP
285-Ross Ferraro (Montini) - 3rd
I look forward to seeing it, but do you really think Kilmara is going to beat Whitford if and when they meet up again? I'd have my money on Whitford for that one. And I'm hearing a lot of good things about Cortez, the 112 pounder from Marmion. Haven't seen him, but what I've heard has been impressive. I think he can take Powell.
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