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I wanted to end this thread with analysis of the California State Finals match between Jesse Delgado and Isaiah Martinez, but I cannot find video anywhere. How in the world can you not have video on the internet of two NCAA 2xers meeting in a state championship final?

Instead, we will go with a more timely and relevant series of matches between IMAR and Jason Nolf. This was the best-of-three finals of the most recent World Team Trials. The matches ended with the ILLINI legend as the 2-1 winner, even though he had a last-second hiccup in round two. That makes the lifetime series between the two a pretty dominating 4-2 in IMAR's favor.

Considering that Nolf has lost about 6 matches in the last four years, that's pretty good.

The "bad ankle" claims

First, I wanted to address claims from blue and white Kool-Aid drinkers that Nolf was working off a bum ankle. I'm very skeptical. Here's my evidence: In the match that elevated Nolf to the best-of-three series, he defeated Logan Massa 7-2 and at 1:23 of this video, Nolf takes the quickest double shot I've ever seen him take from space.

If I had a bum ankle like that I'd be dancing in the Ballroom DanceSport World Finals on July 6, 2019, which you can watch on I'm not kidding. is a thing. Ballroom dancing is as combat sport as it gets, my brothers.

Match 1

IMAR dominated from the start, faking a shot and working a headpinch. Within 36 seconds, IMAR scores on a step-out by controlling the center and continually pushing Nolf back. With about 1:45 to go in the first period, IMAR secures a headlock, works his way into an underhook, adds another underhook on the other side, actually locks his hands (see picture) and walks Nolf out of bounds.

At the out-of-bounds line, Nolf tried to squirm out, but IMAR threw him to his back for four points. (This is exactly how you punish people who shoot on you; would be great to see Burroughs in this predicament).

The match was 9-0 IMAR before Nolf finally gets a takedown.

Match 2

IMAR dominated this match for 5:57, scoring in multiple ways. Nolf got a couple of step-out points, but even with those, IMAR was controlling the mat and controlling the ties. With 1:38 to go in the second period, IMAR again goes to the double underhooks, locked (see picture).

He used this hold to drive Nolf out to take a 4-2 lead. IMAR got another step-out to go up 5-2. Unfortunately, with three seconds on the clock, IMAR wasn't backing off and Nolf hits a throw.

Match 3

Things heat up quickly in the tie-breaking match. Within 12 seconds, Nolf has IMAR in a position in which Nolf usually scores (see picture). You see IMAR reaching for that ankle? Well, he gets it, and he's the one who ends up with two points (and without exposing himself).

That was a spirit-breaker for Nolf. In the next few seconds, IMAR has a single leg of his own, and he scores two. 4-0, IMAR. The ILLINI coach finishes up the first period with a step-out and another takedown. Nolf gets one takedown. 7-2, IMAR.

In the closing seconds, IMAR takes Nolf to his back once again and gets four points. A lost challenge gives him the tech fall. 12-2, IMAR.

CONCLUSION. Before the last Final X against Jordan Burroughs, IMAR had to deal with a downer. Before this next Final X, IMAR is coming off of dominating wins at the World Cup, at the US Open and in the best-of-three series at the WTT against an old foe. His confidence couldn't be higher. Although Nolf won a match at the last second, IMAR dominated every hold, and he controlled the mat. If Nolf had stayed at 70kg, he'd be wrestling Deakin for a spot on the World Team. We all know how that would end up. LESSON: Don't **** with IMAR!

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