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Originally Posted by MAL View Post
Yes, he is a "rich weirdo" That is precisely what I don't like about him. I don't like his mannerisms...his speech patterns make me cringe...he is arrogant...self centered...womanizer...divorced...cheater...he got rich buying politicians...he's just a dork. All of those things are superficial. You are focusing things that would not bother you much if he was a liberal Democrat.

Yet, you champion him as a sucess.

I would much rather have a good decent human being for president...a "nice guy", but you know what they say about nice guys...they always finish last.

See above.

While there is a long list of things that I despise about Trump, they are mostly superficial. He is making good choices for the most part. His biggest failure is his massive spending.

If that is your example of his biggest failure, you just aren't paying attention.

North Korea is not launching missiles over Japan anymore...there is some hope for long term stability in the region.

They stepped up their launches when Trump was elected - to get the attention they have gotten from him? How has the attention Trump has paid North Korea, and specifically Kim Jong Un, helped the US-NK relations? They/he are laughing at Trump and know exactly how to gain concession from Trump (as do the rest of the world's dictators) - compliment him.

NATO allies are paying more of their fair share.

That's a big accomplishment....

Mexico has put troops on their borders

See above... (what are they doing?)

He got rid of an agreement that would allow Iran to have nuclear weapons in a few more years.

GOP propaganda. Iran has had the ability to produce weapons-grade nuclear material for years, they just haven't. Until now.

He is cutting useless redundant regulations.

The "useless, redundant regulations" that are meant to stem the tide of environmental disaster?
With Trumps deregulations and virtual elimination of the EPA, expect climate change to get exponentially worse that it would have with the "compromised" regulations the were in place, that only hoped to slow climate change, not reverse or eliminate it.

He is getting a lot of judges confirmed.

Judges whose loyalties lie with Trump, lobbyists and corporations, not the Constitution.

He eliminated the insurance mandate.

So now, millions of Americans can suffer and die faster, in more agony, and more unnecessarily than ever.

He recognized Jerusalem as Israels capital.

That's a big accomplishment....

He is rebuilding the military, but used great restraint when Iran was trying to provoke him into war.

Because our military wasn't the best equipped, trained, and formidable in the world before?
The "crisis" with Iran was one HE created. As was the one with North Korea, Mexico, China, etc. He created these crises, then appears to alleviate or eliminate them so he appears to be presidential. Which he does, to the morons who cannot see past their blind devotion to an idiot.

He is producing American energy at record levels.

What does that even mean?
I hope you are referring to coal.
(Please say yes)

He is fighting to control the border. Illegals are the only reason Democrats even have a chance to win elections on a national level

GOP propaganda.
You continually say you don't watch Fox News, yet your points and arguments (i.e. garbage) are right out of their narrative. If you truly don't, then the websites/YouTube channels/podcasts etc. that you watch are in lock step with Fox News.
Voter fraud conspiracy, for both parties mind you, has been widely debunked (by everyone BUT Fox News).
The only way Republicans win elections, in areas that aren't deep, DEEP red, is through voter suppression and gerrymandering.

...and he fights back when he is attacked.

Like a rebellious, ill-mannered child would. By throwing a fit and launching insults via Twitter. Hardly the acts a "stable genius" would demonstrate.

When I weigh the pros and cons, the cons are basically just superficial...the pro's are substantive.

Your cons are superficial because you choose to ignore them, because you refuse to see the big picture.

His narcissistic personality goes way, WAY beyond that of what a "typical" politician would have.
His delusions of grandeur are that of what a dictator (i.e. Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin etc.) would have.
He is systematically dismantling the fabric of American democracy with his ridiculous judicial nominations and Cabinet appointments, completely circumventing the vetting process and role of Congress as a co-equal branch and check on the Executive (and Judicial) branch of government.
Instead of "Draining the Swamp" he is opening the floodgates and making it worse. Not unlike what will undoubtedly happen to the Mississippi Delta area due to Barry's visit.

Science is not based on opinion, its based on fact. I would sincerely hope that every scientist, or even every person on the planet would agree that the climate is changing. Its always has been changing and it always will. The difference now is that politicians have found a way to profit from a naturally occurring phenomenon.
Your continued adherence to that "argument" is as tired as it is ridiculous.
If you choose to explain away the exponential increase of climate change, just in the last 2 decades, as "a naturally occurring phenomenon" then your brain has truly been washed, dried, pressed and hung up in a cedar-lined closet with a few hundred tons of moth balls.
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