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Originally Posted by Blonjuan44 View Post
"You are focusing things that would not bother you much if he was a liberal Democrat." - He was a Democrat and flipped to win. Maybe they took off a bit to much during the surgery?

His quotes about Vietnam & his bone spur deferments show what a class act he is...feel free to look them up...(New Yorkers did not vote for him because they knew him best.) So we didn't bomb Iran on his last minute whim...nice.
That did not take very long for you to prove me right. I don't care about his bone spurs. It would not be a stretch for me to believe that he did not have to go to Vietnam because his dad was rich. A lot of people did a lot of things to avoid going to the Southeast Asian Olympics. We forgave them. I noticed that you don't seem to care about Bill Clinton dodging the draft...I guess that's because he is still a liberal Democrat. Do you see my point? If Bill used the same excuse that Trump did, you would not be offended.

New York did not vote for Trump because he has an R by his name...It's no more complicated than that. If Hillary had an R by her name they would not vote for her ether.

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