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Originally Posted by Crystal Clearly View Post
Your continued adherence to that "argument" is as tired as it is ridiculous.
If you choose to explain away the exponential increase of climate change, just in the last 2 decades, as "a naturally occurring phenomenon" then your brain has truly been washed, dried, pressed and hung up in a cedar-lined closet with a few hundred tons of moth balls.
I thought I was "blocked" Your loosing your credibility.

You can start to get your credibility back If you post an honest assessment on Bill Clinton's negative attributes. Presumably, you were able to over look some indiscretions and still support the guy with a D by his name.

You don't have to go back very far to understand how North Korea operates. They shoot off some missiles and expect to get paid to stop. This time they stopped, but they did not get paid like every time before. I am not predicting a successful outcome...I just think there's a little room for some optimism.

NATO has been freeloading for decades. I did not use the term "big accomplishment" did. I do think it is a significant accomplishment when you consider that all he had to do was ask. The last 6 or 7 presidents didn't even care enough about American's tax dollars to ask.

Here is the leftist slant on what Mexico is doing on their borders.

I think Chicken Little was the first to sound the alarms about climate change.

I don't know what else I can do here. I have posted undisputed data that shows wild temperature swings all throughout earths history...much much more than this .8 degrees in the last 100 years or what ever it is. I have posted articles that state clearly that NASA has changed actual historic temperatures to hide the fact that there has been no/much less warming than predicted. The climate alarmists in the UK got caught in emails to each other discussing how to manipulate data. There has not been one climate prediction come true since the 70's when this garbage started. I look at data that goes back as far as science can take us...climate alarmists go back 100 years or so...and when that data doesn't tell them that the sky is falling, they just change the data...change the name, global warming to climate change.

The primary purpose for a regulation is to raise taxes. Every single regulation comes with a price attached to it. And while we are on the subject of regulations, where in the constitution does it say that un-elected bureaucrats can create laws? Last I checked congress is responsible for writing laws. The EPA has no constitutional authority.

The insurance mandate was unconstitutional, that is why Roberts had to REWRITE THE LAW, so he could vote for it. Its nice to see you sticking up for the big insurance companies. If you mandate that everyone buy insurance, and then you mandate that they cover preexisting conditions, you can no longer call it insurance...they are just a middle man in between you and your doctor artificially inflating health care costs.

The Jerusalem deal was significant because peace can only come from victory. As long as Jerusalem is disputed there can never be peace.

You only get to lose one war. I have said many times that if we had no military, Canada would invade. That is just human nature, to take what is easily taken. Using that logic, weakness invites attack. we have been fighting wars on 2 or 3 fronts for almost a couple decades now. What if real war breaks out with Russia and China? That may not be likely but you have to be prepared for that it doesn't happen. No one will attack if they know that they will lose.

U.S. ranked:

#1 in total energy production
#1 in oil production
#1 in natural gas production
#1 in nuclear power
#1 in geothermal power
#1 in biofuels
#2 in wind power
#2 in solar power
#2 in coal production
#4 in hydropower

Illegals and their "legal"children lean heavily to the Democrat party. Reagan granted Amnesty to 3 million illegals, ever since then we have been told that there are 10 million...20 million...the number keeps changing, but what is not changing is that they keep coming and having anchor babies. If I had to guess, I would say that Illegals are responsible for about 100 million people in this country that are here as a result of Illegal immigration. Without that voter base Democrats could not win.

The only way to drain the swamp is to cut their funding, and he is not doing that...he is filling the swamp with all the cash that they could possibly hope for.

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