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Originally Posted by MAL View Post
I thought I was "blocked" Your loosing your credibility.

You can start to get your credibility back If you post an honest assessment on Bill Clinton's negative attributes. Presumably, you were able to over look some indiscretions and still support the guy with a D by his name.
I "blocked" you, mainly because of your ridiculous comments that drag on for days and I was tired of having to scroll through the unsubstantiated claims, the ridiculous posts and your amazing ability to avoid points/answers and deflect the narrative to something else (usually Hillary or Bill Clinton or Obama), just so I could read other's comments and responses.

Credibility? Yours is nonexistent.

You post incoherent rants with "facts" that are manufactured by those who hope to discredit honest people - just like the demagogue you worship, who thinks he is a demigod - the websites you quote/post from are the ones that Trump had over for his little lovefest the other day, ones who are not bound by fact, morals, truth, any sense of journalistic integrity, and are not under any scrutiny by the FCC.

Who does Trump attack? Those who speak the truth about him. Hmmm?

You are either so completely stupid, that you cannot see that you were conned by Trump, or you do know and are so embarrassed that you don't want to admit it.

Either way you're an idiot.

And your spelling proves it.

I looked up "loosing", I couldn't find it.
The closest word I could find was 'loose'......

From Websters:

1 loose



:*not*tightly*fastened,*attached, or*held:*not*pulled*or*stretched*tight of*clothing*:*not*fitting*close*to*your body*:*not*tight

(Like your mind)



1a*:*not*rigidly*fastened*or*securely attached*loose*planks*in a bridge

b*(1)*:*having*worked*partly*free from*attachments*a*loose*tooth



d*:*not*tight-fitting*loose clothing

2a*:*free*from*a*state*of*confinement,*restraint, or*obligation*a*lion*loose*in the streets*spend*loose*funds wisely

b*:*not*brought*together*in a*bundle,*container, or*binding


(Like your sense of reality)

3a*:*not*dense,*close, or*compact*in*structure*or*arrangement loose*soil

b*:*not*solid*:*watery*loose stools

(Like your brain)

4a*:**lacking*in*restraint*or*power*of*restraint a*loose*tongue


c*:*overactive;*specifically*:*marked by*frequent*voiding*especially*of*watery*stools*loose*bowels

(Like your demagogue)


b*:*being*flexible*or*relaxed stay*loose

6a*:*lacking*in*precision,*exactness, or*care*loose*brushwork loose*usage

b*:*permitting*freedom*of*interpretation*a*loose construction*of the*Constitution

7:*not in the*possession*of*either*of two*competing*teams*a*looseball*a*loose*puck

loose·ly*adverb loose·ness*noun


Some*of the*shingles*on the*roof*were loose.The*rope*was*tied*in a*loose*knot.The*nails*had*been*pried*loose.


Middle*English*lous,*from*Old*Norselauss;*akin*to Old*High*German*lōsloose*—*more*at*-less.



(Kinda sums it up for your boy, hmmmm?)

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