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Originally Posted by MAL View Post
I would have a hard time believing that there isn't a bean counter in Trumps organization that knows just exactly how much it "costs" to keep the lights on at Doral.

I don't think the President of Ukraine was President of Ukraine at the time of his stay in Trumps hotel...I believe he was just visiting friends in an unofficial visit.

It's a sad state of affairs when a liar is the most honest President we have had in recent history.

I don't care if he makes money from the G8 (don't forget Putin) I don't believe it's a violation of the Emoluments clause. The Emoluments clause was written to prevent the President from being bought or influenced with gifts, bribes or titles from foreign leaders. Even if I conceded that Trump will profit from the event. I don't see how that will influence him in his official capacity.
That is pretty nihilistic TDS at this point. I put on this site 6 weeks ago Trump would not be the nominee, I wish I put some money down on those odds at time. Nihilistic Trump derangement system is the philosophical viewpoint that rejects, denies, or lacks belief in any or all of the reputedly meaningful Truth other than what comes from the man with 8 bankruptcies, 3 wives, & 23 sexual assault and related cases. He has never explained the information he said he had about President Obama being born in Kenya...or admitted he was wrong...or backed up his windmill cancer claims and others...Would people still believe him without his wig? I doubt it. I do give him credit for taking on China, but not the way he did it. The soybean market in IL will never fully come back.
There are two guys in that zebra costume! Very funny...
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