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The Burk Blog 2/15

Well, I have not written anything in quite some time. I decided that I would write an entry now since state is in 2 days and everything.

I am only one year removed from the whole state process, so I know what it is like to have to go through it. I have never been through a situation that is harder mentally than the state tournament. The only advice that I can give to all of the wrestlers is to try to stay relaxed. I mean, I know how impossible that sounds, but I definately could not have gotten through my experiences at state without being relaxed. All the work is done and gone, and it comes down to one weekend. But, I also have to send out some congrats to those who did not make the tournament. I look at the N/N sectional and it hurts me to see some of those kids not make it to state. Two of my teammates had brothers finish fourth (Pat Castillo-Vince, and Mike Grimes-Dan).

Wrestling is still going well up here. Our team is probably not doing as well as many people think we should be doing, but we are progressing. Our coaches have one goal in mind and that is to do as well as possible at the MAC tourney and send as many people to nationals as possible. Our coaches are smart enough to know how to train our guys and to work with them on their weaknesses.

Well, good luck to you all this weekend. I will be down there to watch the whole tournament. And, if you want, stop by and see me Friday morning at the Illinois Matmen booth. Peace!!!

--My shout out this week is to the "Mike Grimes". We have been roommates for only like 6 months, but I think I will always look to him as a brother in some way or another from now on. And, he is one of the hardest workers I have ever met, outside of Coach Papadatos of course. Haha, ok cya!!!
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