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At last year's Final X, Burroughs won the spot on the world team by going 2-0 versus IMAR. The first match was a battle of step-outs. IMAR forced a step out, but Burroughs forced four step outs. The final score was 4-1.

Here is video of that first match. As you can see, within two seconds of the start of the match, they are in a collar tie. Within 13 seconds, Burroughs is standing straight up while the announcers are saying, "Jordan didn't appreciate that head tap one iota."

IMAR was too far away to take advantage of Burrough's straight-up posturing. Distance being a key in a match with him.

In the next few seconds, IMAR had a 2-on-1 and "threatened a head-pinch." At the :40 mark of the match, you can see IMAR jamming in his underhook. Burroughs is warned for passivity, and IMAR shoots in. He backs off and Burroughs does a re-attack, grabbing a single and driving IMAR and his whizzer off the mat. 1-0, Burroughs.

On the restart, IMAR immediately slips in his underhook, starts a throw by of Burroughs while grabbing his left knee. (See picture). This very nearly led to a 2-point takedown for the ILLINI legend.

Burroughs slips in a whizzer and fights off the takedown, but with the leverage and momentum gained, IMAR forces Burroughs out of bounds (see second picture) for a point. 1-1, Tied.

After the re-start, IMAR does his own Roman Knuckle locks, but the hold is given up immediately. Shortly afterwards, though, they get their fingers caught up again, and you can see Burroughs' frustration. That would be a good time to attack! Unfortunately, the ref blew his whistle.

IMAR next tries a gentle snap-down or throw by, but he doesn't throw Burroughs far enough away. In fact, Burroughs is right there ready for a re-attack (see picture). Against Burroughs, IMAR will need to be aggressive and impose his will, gentle snap-downs will only put yourself in trouble!

As you can see, the gentle snap down/throw by actually placed Burroughs in his favorite position, ready to leap frog onto an opponent's legs. Somehow, IMAR manages to fight him off long enough to hop out of bounds and only give up one point. 2-1, Burroughs.

Before the period ends, IMAR must have figured out that Burroughs will stand straight up after a head-push, as IMAR shot in quickly. He was unsuccessful, but it was a nice attempt. 1st period over.

At the beginning of the second period, Burroughs gets a step out point. It was another re-attack off an IMAR shot. 3-1, Burroughs.

With 1:51 to go in the match, IMAR hits a nice throw-by from an over-hook. (see picture). Burroughs was quick enough to square himself up, but it did place Burroughs in a position where he could've eaten the mat from a front headlock, but he slipped out.

Right there, this was very close to being a 3-3 match. IMAR underestimated Burroughs' quickness, and did not convert. Burroughs gets a final step out after another re-attack on an IMAR shot.


The match was very competitive, but it seemed that near the end, IMAR was just happy to be there. I expect that the intensity will go up exponentially for this next battle. IMAR did a great job with the head-pushes and head-taps. These flustered Burroughs and kept him at bay. He also came very close a couple of times to scoring takedowns, which would have upped the pressure on Burroughs. IMAR will need to re-calibrate for Burroughs' speed. Most importantly, he needs to be ready for Burroughs' re-attacks.

I would pull Emery Parker out of his Senior frat parties and have him attack IMAR relentlessly from his knees. Then, have another quick and strong wrestler jump in and try to push IMAR across the mat. (Everybody on their knees). If IMAR can confidently defend this position, he can beat Burroughs. At one point, Burroughs shot in a quick double, but IMAR met him at the same level and exploded Burroughs to a stop. IMAR can already defend the Burroughs double.
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