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There are other things that IMAR can do to improve his chances against Jordan Burroughs. For example, IMAR can remind Burroughs that Burroughs doesn't have a universally known nickname. "JB" is sometimes written on forums, but it's not really a solid moniker.

This Thing Whatever It Is

I have to admit that I have never seen this before. I've watched lots of international matches--but not much Greco--and I've never seen this thing what IMAR did to Nolf twice:

I don't even know what you call it except maybe a double underhook with locked hands. Do they even do this in professional wrestling? The first time IMAR threw it on Nolf, he backed up the 3-timer until Nolf tried to wriggle out. IMAR threw him on his back for four points. The second time, Nolf was smart enough to walk backwards straight out of bounds.

You can bet Burroughs saw this as well, and it will be more incentive for him to keep his distance from IMAR. Still, it would be sweet to see the ILLINI lock up this hold.

Roman Knuckle Locks and Head Taps

IMAR was very good at using a post on Nolf's head to keep him at bay when he wanted him there. He also got under Burroughs' skin during their first Final X match with a pretty strong head tap. This would be an especially good tactic if IMAR adopts the strategy of "starving the reattacker."

We've seen on three occasions Russians using Roman Knuckle locks to shoot in on Burroughs. Burroughs gets distracted, tries to wave off the Roman Knuckle locks, and the Russian shoots in. This was successful two of the three times.

Foot sweep

I've seen IMAR hit many inside trips, but I can't remember a foot sweep. As a lazy, cautious wrestler, I loved the foot sweep. Then, to see ILLINI legend Matt Lackey use it to win an NCAA Championship was glorious, and it vindicated me:

Even if you just use it to put your opponent off balance, that is a huge plus against Burroughs.

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