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Originally Posted by South Cider View Post
Weak statement. of all the private schools across the country. (over 2ooo of them) Br Rice is always ranked in the top 50 with St Ignatius and Loyola. Marist and Fenwick are not. But then what is the criteria for judgement? St Rita has 5 going to ivy league. Kids going to a Big ten school? Providence has 17. Marist parents drinking in a bar on 111th st talking how great their world is?

That's a good one. I thought this was a wrestling forum and I would assume you were ranking private schools with great academics that also have wrestling programs. Don't know why Br. Rice would be included on this list. I can't even remember if they had a team last year or over the past couple of decades for that matter. It looks to me like they are on the verge of only sending a half line up to Regionals like they did all of the 80's, 90's and early 2000's. I feel terrible for kids who chose to wrestle there. I hope they are only interested in the "great" academics at Br. Rice because whomever lied to them and told them they have a wrestling program should be investigated by the IHSA.
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