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Yep, thats what it was.

The path got exponentially harder when as the 1 overall seed they lost to the 8th overall seed in the pool finals. It set them up to have to wrestle an extra dual against the 9th seed for true 2nd in the pool, then go through the 2, 3 and 5 seeds in the gold pool and likely the 4th seed in the finals to win. Yikes. From #1 overall seed to most difficult possible path. Some of these guys wrestled greco and then after so many matches already yesterday they ended the evening in the gold pool against the #2 overall seed. I think the grind contibuted to that 1 point loss as several kids are dinged up.

Crazy thing is... they could still win it by winning out today. Beat PA and OK while PA beats WA and its a 3 way tie. Dual scores between the 3 are added, the lowest total takes 3rd and h2h decides 1st and 2nd.

Who doesn't want to see a 2 loss Champ! 1st up is 2 seed PA this morning.
Go get it guys!
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