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Nothing To See Here

This President is "The most transparent President in the history of the country".

If that were true, then please tell me why is he suing various banks to prevent them from turning over his financial records to Congress?

Why is he pressuring his high school and the many colleges that he attended from releasing his transcripts?

Why, if he is such a patriot, did he not serve in the military and fight in Vietnam? In 1968, when he graduated from The Wharton Shcool of Business at Penn?
That's right, bone spurs.

Why, if those bone spurs were so debilitating, (he did pass his physical), does he continually refuse to provide his medical records showing those bone spurs?

Why, if he loves the military so much, did he attack a war hero in John McCain on numerous occasions and continues to do so, even though he has been dead for over 8 months?

Why is he pressuring the IRS from turning over his tax returns, who is more than willing to oblige, even though Congress, the Judiciary Committee, and the American people, have every right to see them? Also, they have been subpoenaed, for which he is suing members of Congress.

Why would he pressure Attorneys General innumerable times to end the special counsel's investigation?

Why would he demand that his staff and members of his cabinet to refuse to testify before Congress, even though they have been subpoenaed?

Why does he appoint blind loyalists to amazingly important positions on his cabinet who had demonstrated a willingness to defy the laws of this country and not "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of The United States"?

If he is "The most transparent President in the history of the country" why is he obfuscating?
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