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Having coached with your Dad at Spalding, seeing you guys win a regional title would be very exciting. You're right. There are many obstacles to overcome, not the least of which is getting kids caught up who have never wrestled before. There is a lot of that going around the high schools in this area. But there are a lot of the kids programs pumping kids into the high schools that are making an impact and can help those teams get to the promised land. Those programs weren't prevelant when I was coaching high school and a lot needed to taught from scratch. The one positive is that you can eliminate bad habits before they begin and teach your style and technique.....but having 100-150 matches under your belt when you start as a freshman is a huge advantage over anyone who hasn't wrestled before. With the emphasis on football and basketball in Central Illinois I think the area schools will always struggle putting a team on the mat that will compete on a statewide basis. But I do believe that there is no reason the area can't experience great success on an individual basis. That being said we've started this year with almost 50 kids in the youth program. That's up from about 30 last year.
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