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Since this has become a bit of a wandering ILLINI and IRTC news thread, thought it would be good to highlight interviews given by IRTC and World Team members Max Nowry and Isaiah Martinez that have been produced by Nowry's interview is in written question-and-answer form. This was my favorite part:

How did you get involved in wrestling?

My dad signed me up for hockey back in 1996 or 1997, but there wasn’t enough kids so they cancelled it and I got thrown into wrestling.

When did you start wrestling Greco-Roman?

My high school coach convinced me to do both styles because I think it was only $5 more to wrestle both and I was mostly wrestling freestyle at the time. Then I did the Cadet Duals my sophomore year, and that’s where I met Coach Medlin. Ever since then it’s been my favorite discipline.

Haha! That's so typical. I was cut from my high school freshman basketball team. The school had never cut anyone from the freshman team. They'd have "D" and "E" squads if necessary. But they cut me. I'm still the greatest basketball-playing wrestler in the world.

The rest of the Nowry interview is also interesting. This was another special comment from him: "I don’t want to win a World title, I need to."

IMAR Video

The IMAR interview is on video and can be found here on youtube. You get more of the warrior-poet from him: "I spent a month in Russia in January, and that was a transformative experience."

His major take-away from the series is that everything works for him when he's being aggressive, and nothing works when he wrestles on the back foot. I thought it was interesting that Burroughs said that IMAR was six minutes away from winning Final X, but IMAR said he was :10 seconds away. IMAR did have the lead in match one with ten or nine seconds to go. He won match two.

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