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Originally Posted by Blonjuan44 View Post
Daily new low? Just likes himself being talked about I guess. Its sad when people are happy our anti-vaxer President is spouting non-sense - like he does it on purpose or with a master plan or to gas-light people. Consider that he might really be just a weirdo with money. Look at the list of people he hired that have said he is a rich weirdo. Today is a typical day. Rational people don't think that it is funny. His Generals ignore his orders, that is dangerous - such as the assassination he tried to order. I think you are looking for an entertainer, please hire a better comedian. This info is listed today everywhere if you don't like the source.

PS, science always have two opinions, so your posts with odd small dissections of difference mean nothing. The people you listed about climate change all agreed with climate change, just not particular aspects of it. PS, the autobon just melted. Don't like Snopes, pick a regular news station, your bizarre sources are simply bizarre sources.
Yes, he is a "rich weirdo" That is precisely what I don't like about him. I don't like his mannerisms...his speech patterns make me cringe...he is arrogant...self centered...womanizer...divorced...cheater...he got rich buying politicians...he's just a dork. All of those things are superficial. You are focusing things that would not bother you much if he was a liberal Democrat.

I would much rather have a good decent human being for president...a "nice guy", but you know what they say about nice guys...they always finish last.

While there is a long list of things that I despise about Trump, they are mostly superficial. He is making good choices for the most part. His biggest failure is his massive spending.

North Korea is not launching missiles over Japan anymore...there is some hope for long term stability in the region.

NATO allies are paying more of their fair share.

Mexico has put troops on their borders

He got rid of an agreement that would allow Iran to have nuclear weapons in a few more years.

He is cutting useless redundant regulations.

He is getting a lot of judges confirmed.

He eliminated the insurance mandate.

He recognized Jerusalem as Israels capital.

He is rebuilding the military, but used great restraint when Iran was trying to provoke him into war.

He is producing American energy at record levels.

He is fighting to control the border. Illegals are the only reason Democrats even have a chance to win elections on a national level

...and he fights back when he is attacked.

When I weigh the pros and cons, the cons are basically just superficial...the pro's are substantive.

Science is not based on opinion, its based on fact. I would sincerely hope that every scientist, or even every person on the planet would agree that the climate is changing. Its always has been changing and it always will. The difference now is that politicians have found a way to profit from a naturally occurring phenomenon.

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