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The Burk Blog 11/5

Wrestle offs went pretty well. As most of you know, Duke and I both won, but if you have seen the scores, you can probably guess that neither one of us opened up a whole lot. So, even though we did come away with wins, I think we both were a bit disappointed with the way our matches played out. I think I can move a lot more and create a lot more chances for myself than I did, which is something I have been working on ever since last March. So to not do that, I was quite a bit disappointed in myself. But, sometimes things like that happen when you compete against your own teammates, especially for a starting spot. I hope that both Duke and I can make some changes and wrestle a bit more aggressive next weekend in Stevens Point.

As a team, we still have a long way to go. No spots are for sure, although some might be pretty well sewed up. I really thought everyone competed very hard, which is a great sign. Some people just did not wrestle smart matches, and some just need to wrestle their style a bit more (including myself!). But for an opening meet, and for a wrestle off meet, I was very happy with our overall performance, and I think our coaches are pretty pleased as well. We had some young guys compete real well, and showed a lot of promise for the future, as well as for this coming year. Our depth is going to be key, and I think it was shown with the closeness of all the matches.

As I said, next week we travel to Stevens Pt for an Open on Saturday. It will be great to be out on a mat against other competition. Wisconsin will be there, as well as some real tough D-2 and D-3 schools. So there will be pretty tough competition at every weight class. Making weight is getting a bit easier now. Monday it was pretty rough. But Wednesday felt a lot better. Of course, Duke LOVES to rub it in that he eats anything he wants and is still only about a pound over usually.

Anyway, good luck to all high school wrestlers, who I think should start practice this week. Have fun, wrestle hard! Thanks again for reading. We appreciate it very much.

I want to send a shout out to Mr. Scott Wallace, my favorite person from Hinsdale, and to COACH Ryan Ludwig, the man, the myth, the legend.

thanks again guys!


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