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Originally Posted by Blonjuan44 View Post
I am the one that keeps trying to steer this conversation to a scientific debate. You just want to ignore science and hurl insulting articles that insinuate that I am the one that is denying science.

Every character in that article has a financial interest in keeping the hoax alive...I am sure that some of them believe in what they are doing, but for them to change their opinion on the subject of global warming...oops...I meant climate change, they would have to change their career path.

There have been no climate change predictions that have come true yet...they have all been wrong...and they have been making these predictions since the 80's. When I was in school they were predicting an ice age. How many bad predictions does it take to prove that climate alarmists are wrong? Unfortunately there may never be an answer to that question.

Here are just a few ridiculous predictions.
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