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Originally Posted by jay31 View Post
Good list. The Big 10 opponents are set but I am also interested in seeing the rest. I saw on a Rutgers news story that the wrestling schedule release may be delayed this year for all B1G schools due to increased coverage on the Big 10 Network. Illini seem to always be one of the last to release theirs. Other items, who will be the volunteer assistant coach, will there be another charity event at the Poeta Center in October, who will be the face of the Illini on the schedule poster.

Great additions! That charity event sounded like loads of fun. I want to add a couple of items that I forgot:

EARLY SEASON TOURNAMENTS. I love to see ILLINI starters crushing dudes in the early season tournaments (Kauffman, Maryville, etc.). There's usually a couple good wrestlers in each bracket so that the finals are interesting. It is also great to get an early indication on the new recruits, especially the redshirts.

The Midlands. I want the seniors to have their best possible Midlands, and I want Travis Duncarr to destroy their brackets. Also, with the tournament needing as many talented (and especially) exciting entries, I hope they let the ILLINI bring an entire "redshirt squad." Hope to see Luffman, Byrd, Sizemore, Shannon and the rest there.

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