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The Burk Blog 12/5

It's been a while since my last post. We had a tough dual against Northwestern last Thursday. They won all but one of the close matches, and won the dual because of that. I still think our team can do great things this season, without a doubt. We are right there, we just have to turn the corner now.

My match went ok....I lost, so I can't say it went well. Herbert is a very good opponent and is very tough on top. He rode me for quite some time, as I was unable to find a way out for the better part of the match. But I felt as if I did wrestle alright. My intensity was there, and I thought I had a good pace going for the most part. Again, I just needed to get off bottom quicker, and things could have been different. Either way, it was a good match to have early in the season. He is without a doubt a contender for the National title, and it was a good match to see how I stack up with the best in the country. I think now I am even more motivated to improve and become one of the top guys when NCAAs roll around.

This week we have finals, then Christmas break. I only have two finals, as my upper level classes have already concluded for the semester. So, this week wont be too hard on me at all. I really enjoy the break over the holidays. Not having to go to school and just working out is awesome!! Plus, I get some time to read to and relax and see my family for a bit. It's just a nice break away from going to classes and what not. I really don't mind working out 2-3 times a day, but going to class is never one of the things I look forward to!!

We wrestle Wisconsin in Madison this Sunday. I really think it is going to be a big dual. Kind of like the Northwestern meet, whoever wins the close matches is going to win the dual. So we, as a team, really need to step up and come through in crunch time. I'll wrestle Kelly Flaherty most likely. He's a good wrestler and beat me last yr. So this is a big match for me, and our team. I just hope we compete hard and with a high level of intensity, and we will be ok.

Duke is still doing well. The decision for him to redshirt is one that I believe will only help him in the future. I was a big fan of him not redshirting and competing this year, but I completely understand the reasoning behind the decision. The main thing for him is to continue to work hard, which he is. He and I go in for extra workouts 4-5 times a week, just to go over some things and get a good sweat in.

Well, I must get going now....I don't have another final until Thursday, so I have some time to relax and catch up on some sleep.

Also, this is a very exciting time for my family, as my sister is due with her second child any day now, most likely next week. So, the terror known as Dillon is going to have a running mate, which is a scary thought. But, I can't wait for my first niece to come and get to spend time with the family. I was the only one not there when Dil was born, so hopefully I'll be able to make it back this time and be there for Melissa (my sister). Let's just hope that, like the Dil, this one doesn't look anything like our friend "Admin" .

Thanks again guys, I'll report back after the Wisconsin dual. Good luck to all wrestlers. Enjoy the ride, while it lasts!


PS - I wanna send a shout out to Dennis Papadatos because he provides comic relief by trying to tell us how good New York wrestling is all the time. Plus, he's the only guy I know who puts gel in his hair to come to a morning workout.....But really, he's a great guy and a great coach. He knows what it takes to make it to the top in this sport, and is willing to help at all times. So having him around has only benefited our team and especially me. Every time I ask him to workout early in the morning on a weekend, he's there, when he could be sleeping in and what not. Our coaches really care about our team and do anything for us.

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