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Originally Posted by Conquistadors
Mr. Burk, I'm not sure if this is a true expression of your lack of interest in the educational mission of the university or if you are trying to show how coll you are. Can you imagine how your professors feel about students who don't want to be there?

Naturally, this begs the question of why are you in college? Primarily to "play sports"? Is this a good reason for the university, the state of Illinois, and the federal government to foot the bill? I'm sure many citizens could come up with other ways to spend government funds. And many citizens would prefer to not pay the taxes at all.

In all likelihood, you will never again have the opportunity to learn from a group of men and women who have spent their careers learning about different areas of knowledge and are trying to impart a little of what they have learned to you. Just as success at wrestling is very much an attitude, so is what you get out of college. With a different attitude, you might learn some valuable lessons.

Best of luck to you in wrestling, at school, and in your future endeavors.
I think you are reading too much into this. Just because he doesn't look forward to it doesn't mean he isn't getting the grades and doing what needs to be done. Where does it say he doesn't appreciate the opportunity he has? You don't have to like something to know it is valuable. I think everyone has to do things they don't really look forward to. I am sure there are many of us who don't always look forward to going to work, but we do.

He is just telling us how he feels. That is what this blog is about. As for him only going to school for sports I am sure he understands that wrestling isn't going to pay the bills and he takes care of what he needs to. Many people have used sports to further their education, but I would bet that not all of them enjoyed all aspects of it.

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