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Originally Posted by Danny Burk View Post
I am still not convinced that my opinion/stories/thoughts matter a whole lot to the majority of people on that visit this website, but I suppose I can continue to write blogs for the minority who actually read them. For those wonderful few, here are some random thoughts, wrestling and non-wrestling related.

1) I can not believe it snowed in April.
2) I really wish more people attended wrestling events, especially ones like the US Open in Las Vegas last weekend. Our nation's best wrestlers competing for the "National Title" - it truly does not get much better than that. Yet, did anyone really notice, outside of the fanatics???
3) It is going to be really hard for wrestling to become mainstream in the United States. But, how can we expect the public to care and show support, if we as wrestling fans do not even show support?? Terrible attendance at national events is not a positive in making our sport more well known to the random people in our society.
4) With all that said, maybe we should move the location of the national open. Clearly, Vegas is wonderful for its own reasons, but it is not exactly an ideal location for people to visit to watch a wrestling tourney, especially not on Easter weekend. Bad planning in my opinion.
5) I love watching The Masters, especially when the final day lands on Easter. There is just something about it that makes life seem semi-complete.
6) The Red Sox have a losing record. The Cardinals are already ahead of the Cubs. The baseball season did not start off very well.
7) Congrats to Jake Herbert - First the Hodge, and then the OW at US Open. That is very impressive. Working with Sean Bormet and focusing on freestyle is going to make Jake a very dangerous athlete in the coming years. Plus, his wide open style and athletic ability could pose as a threat on the world scene.
8) Does Illinois have a coach yet? Has anyone heard anything? I hope that, for the sake of the athletes, a decision is made soon. It is hard to go through an offseason without knowing who your coach is going to be, and will be even harder if they leave school in May without a head coach.
9) I was really happy to see that, in Freestyle, Iowa St had 3 champions at the US Open, while Iowa only had one. (Mocco counts for Oklahoma St).
10) If you could have dinner with 3 people in the wrestling world (dead or alive), who would it be?? I think mine would have to be Dave Schultz, Alexander Karelin, and Cael Sanderson - talk about personality differences.
11) I really dont think any posters on here are annoying, especially not parents who simply support their sons. If I truly thought badly about someone, I would not post it publicly.
12) I think schools should start hiring Illinois Matmen to commentate dual meets during the regular season. We could have a broadcast team in the North, and another in the South, and they would attend a few big meets per year, and broadcast live via an internet feed. It would take some effort and some help, but there is no doubt it could be done.
13) I think we should have an open forum as part of the anyone who might have any questions for me, about anything, please feel free to post them under this thread, and I will try my best to answer them.
14) I apologize for wasting the time of anyone who does not like reading my thoughts - but, then again, if you dont like reading my thoughts, why would you get this far??
15) Thanks again, let me know if you have any questions.
Number 12. I love it. Yes we should be broadcasting dual meets from all over the state and the state finals should be on t.v. using illinoismatmen to produce it.

I have no questions. Just keep the thoughts coming. Great stuff.
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