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Originally Posted by Truth is Out There View Post
I guess it's lost on some folks how funny it is when they ask for highly personal details about others and won't even admit who they are on a website...
I am not asking for anything, the elected officials of the Legislative Branch who are entitled to, and responsible for checking and balancing the Executive Branch (as well as the Judicial Branch, as they are all responsible), especially a person who has never served in an elected office and therefore has never been vetted, are asking for the "highly personal details".

I ask you, or anyone who really, seriously has a problem with this: How could you not want to see where Trump has, has gotten, and has paid his money? Do you really think that it is no one's business? He is the President.

What does my anonymity have anything to do with this?
Who are you?

Oops, I shouldn't have done that, tough guy that you are, you will take a screenshot and report me to the police.

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