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Look, we can never stop every act of violence. I said my piece about the words that come out of the presidents mouth and fingers. When hard-core gone owners hear about databases and background checks they immediately turn to thinking their house is going to be invaded by the ATF like in Waco Texas . I do like the fact that there are many law-abiding gun owners what I am trying to do is simply deter people from getting high powered guns and being able to sell them for profit.
It is common knowledge that you can buy anything you want in Indiana just like fireworks and bring them right across the border. But many of the people that do this would definitely think twice if they think that going to be traced back to them. Also, these mass shooters tend to have checkered pasts. I would like to think they canít just simply get down in the keyboard and laid out a credit card and get whatever they want. Call me crazy.

I know I keep using the fishing license example but the reason is is I welcome a game warden to board my boat whenever he wants. And I have had people argue with me about keeping the fish thatís not legal and I simply tell them look if you donít like it I will drop you off right on the shore. Or they asked me what they should bring, I said absolutely nothing except stop at a sporting good store and get a $15 license. Do you know I have good friends that have come to the lake and I am providing everything from food during gas and lodging and I donít have the damn license. And they tell me not to worry. And I tell him I got news for you partner, it is going to be me that feels it not you! It is a private lake, and even if it wasnít the game warden could tell me to send my boat right to that ramp or itís gonna be pulled out. So what I do is walk them into The marina and embarrassed the living hell out of him and say my friend youíre short on money I want to buy him his license! And then they tried to give me the $15 and I told him no you keep it. Strict laws just like strict schools actually give more freedom.
I thought that it is perfectly legal to fish on private property without a license.

I would not let you buy me a fishing license because I don't trust the government with that much money.

I agree wholeheartedly that there should be a serious crack down on straw buyers. They should be held responsible for the crimes committed with the gun. The difficulty is going to be reading the cereal number after it has been ground off. That's the thing about criminals...they are not very good at following laws.

I suppose high volume buyers could be subjected to an audit of their collection without violating the constitution. I would be in favor of creative legislation as long as it does not infringe on rights.

Cameras would stop the killing in Chicago. A camera on each street and you could literally follow the killer home.
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