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Originally Posted by Fighting Scot View Post
I urge everyone who has had it with Trumpism to google the phrase “Get out the Vote Chicago.” This will lead you to several organizations that aim to get people to the polling places on Election Day and overcome voter suppression efforts. There are some outreach efforts with our neighbors in Wisconsin. Every little bit will help. Certainly this is more productive than arguing on forums with armchair authoritarians, agents of grievance, and finger pointers.

This week we saw our Justice Department seek out special deals for Trump’s cronies, a MAYDAY moment for our democracy. If my friends or yours are convicted of a felony (or seven of them), they have to pay the price for their actions. Friends of Donald Trump, on the other hand, get special intervention from the Justice Department. This is exactly how it works for Putin, Erdogan, Duterte, and other enemies of democracy.

These actions have made it crystal clear that impeachment was justified and moral. No Democrat should ever hang his or her head for standing up for that cause.

This administration reeks and its smugness is off the charts. Plain-spoken, common sense Americans who see this need to get to the polls and urge their neighbors to do the same.
There is not a single thing that getting more voters out in Chicago will do. Illinois is so firmly Democrat in federal elections the Trump campaign hasn't even opened an office in the state. They've conceded it both elections.
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