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Wrestling is not like some of the other major sports in college where athletes can go on to lucrative careers in the sport in which they choose like basketball, football, and baseball. Look at any colleges mission statement, nowhere does it say "I, as a coach, will do what is best for me and not my student when it comes the athletic department". I understand with Burke on the team, team performs better, which increase positive exposure for the program, which in turn is better for NIU wrestling recruiting. But in todays era with the rapid ability to obtain even the most miniscule details of a subject matter at your fingertips with the way the press is and anyones access to the internet, negative publicity is easily spread. Many parents will tell you that the most important thing is an education, and most parents play a big role in determining where a student will go. This will do nothing but hurt the university's ethics stance, and ability to say with a staight face to other recruits that a student-athletes education is their primary intrest. My advice is to bring this to the attention of the NIU campus newspaper and have them run a story on it to get campus wide attention on the matter and I would bet the backlash is huge in favor of the Burkes and other student athletes that are more concerned with gpa's than a W-L record.